Secretarial Services

Secretarial Services

Well-organized secretarial services - Just a call away

Want to manage your corporation’s legal matters, and statutory compliances, and streamline communication between shareholders while you’re busy with important to-dos? That’s where a corporate secretary comes into play. Mandated by the Singapore Companies Act, he/she ensures compliance with Singapore’s statutory and regulatory requirements and serves as a liaison between shareholders and directors. Your corporate secretary must be a resident or native of Singapore.

Redstone Alliance offers you expert corporate secretary services. Not only legal compliance, efficient administration, etc., we also ensure that your corporation navigates complex regulations seamlessly while you focus on what’s important. Attain corporate excellence and peace of mind while Redstone Alliance is at your side as a trusted partner

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You can’t take care of multiple business operations daily. What you need is a professional corporate secretary to look after your business while you’re engaged in growing your business. Here’s what you can benefit from a corporate secretary.

Why Redstone Alliance

Ensures smooth and effective communication with authorities, bankers, and even shareholders, and enhances your business’s credibility, transparency, and success.

Meets all compliance, and statutory requirements and safeguards the legal standing and reputation of your corporation.

Maintains records, maximizes productivity, and enhances decision-making efficiency, ensuring your business stays on top.

Reminds important events so you never miss any critical deadlines and stay ahead.

Expertly oversees administrative regulations and ensures your business operates seamlessly for sustained success.


They include but are not limited to obligations related to corporate governance, financial reporting, taxation, and business operations.

It involves multiple steps such as gathering financial statements and shareholder information, ensuring compliance and statutory requirements before filing, filing the documents before the specified deadline, monitoring progress and addressing issues from authorities, and finally maintaining submission records.


We use secure software and technology tools tailored for corporate secretarial services. Rest assured, confidentiality is maintained through encryption, access controls, and strict data protection protocols.

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