Promising compliant-adhering, accurate payments to employees

Payroll is a systematic process of calculating and disbursing employee compensation, including salaries, wages, and deductions, within an organization. It’s not just about paying salaries. Employees who receive timely payments tend to remain in the company longer and work with dedication and commitment hence paving the corporation’s road to success and stability in the long run.

Delayed in timely payment to employees? Let Redstone Alliance deal with it. By offering comprehensive payroll services, our company alleviates the burdens of payroll management for clients. We streamline payroll processing, reducing errors and ensuring on-time, accurate payments, which in turn enhances employee satisfaction. We save time, resources, and costs, by our payroll services and empower clients to focus on their core business objectives.

Our Services

Our payroll services will cover but are not limited to the following aspects:

Why Redstone Alliance

Form IR8A & IR21 submission

Timely submissions will help you avoid penalties and maintain good relations with authorities

Expense claims reimbursement

Reimbursement expense claims motivate employees’ productivity and increase retention rate.

Monthly payroll report

Helps you calculate employees’ deductions, taxes, and salaries for expense tracking

CPF Reporting

Central Provident Fund registration will help employees with social security, and retirement and healthcare needs.


Integration enhances accuracy by automating time tracking and payroll calculations, reducing errors, and ensuring compliance.

Employ robust encryption, secure data transmission, and strict access controls to safeguard sensitive payroll data.

Payroll software with multi-country capabilities automates compliance with diverse tax laws, currencies, and regulations across global operations.

Regularly update payroll software, stay informed about legislative changes, and conduct periodic compliance audits to ensure adherence to current laws.

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