Human Resource Services

Human Resource Services

Unwavering success with professional human resources services

Human resourcing services, in simpler terms, cover everything related to managing a company’s employees. They work towards making the best use of the workforce, matching it with the company’s goals, and making sure everyone follows labor laws. All of this helps the company succeed and keep growing.

Redstone Alliance is committed to delivering expert human resource services aimed at facilitating your business’s path to success through the strategic acquisition of a workforce. Our professional approach ensures that you have the right talent in place, aligned with your business objectives, enabling you to achieve your organizational goals effectively and sustainably. We offer HR services such as recruitment and staffing, training and development sessions, workplace health and safety compliance, termination and off-boarding services, etc.

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Human resourcing is crucial for businesses as it ensures the right people are in the right roles, enhances productivity, fosters a positive work environment, and drives organizational success. Here are some key features of human resourcing:

Why Redstone Alliance


Ensure adherence to labor laws and regulations, reducing legal risks.

Performance Management

Improve individual and team performance through structured processes.

IR21 preparation & submission

Helps employees fulfill all legal obligations and effectively optimize tax benefits.

Work pass management

Providing work passes prevents them from legal repercussions and reduces disruptions due to visa issues.


They provide guidance on legal requirements, implement policies and procedures, and ensure that workplace practices adhere to regulations.

Outsourcing HR services can reduce administrative burdens, provide access to HR expertise, and allow companies to focus on their core business functions.

By implementing programs for professional growth, fostering a positive workplace culture, and addressing employee needs and concerns.

HR services play a vital role in sourcing, screening, and hiring candidates who fit the organization’s needs and culture.

HR Share Services

Looking to centralize all HR tasks? Why not go for Human Resource Shared Services (HRSS)?


Payroll is a systematic process of calculating and disbursing employee compensation, including salaries

Expatriate Management

Expatriate management service helps companies handle their employees working abroad 

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