Nominee Director Services

Nominee Director Services

Our nominee director best aligns with your business

Hiring a nominee director is a must if you are a startup and planning to register your firm in Singapore. According to the policy, he must be a native or a permanent resident of Singapore. He might not be a significant member in important business decisions but he’ll be responsible for late or incorrect report submissions etc.

Redstone Alliance has appointed nominee directors for startups, SMEs, and large corporations. We ensure appointing the right nominee director that best suits your company’s business environment and understands the Singapore business regulations very well.

Our Services

While the nominee director does not play a significant role in your company, it does not mean he/she isn’t responsible for any organization’s
activity. Here are some benefits of hiring a nominee director:

Attend and participate in board meetings

Oversee your company’s financial status and operations

Keep records of board meetings

Protect company’s interest and ensure business aligns with company’s objectives

ensure that your startup/SME complies with sound corporate governance practices.

Ensure financial statements or legal documents are duly filed to the authorities.

Why Redstone Alliance

Right nominee director

We ensure suggesting the right nominee director via our platform that aligns with your business interest.

One-stop package

Hire services like accounting, financial statements, etc. relevant to the nominee director’s responsibility from our platform

Adherence to compliance

Ensure that your company complies with regulations and remains in the good books of authorities

Nominee director support

Provide exclusive support in case the appointed nominee director needs assistance.


A company must have at least one director, ordinarily resident in the country. This director can be a nominee director as long as they meet the residency requirement.

He/she is primarily responsible for fulfilling statutory requirements, attending board meetings, ensuring compliance with local laws, and safeguarding the interests of the appointing party.

No, a nominee director should not have operational control or involvement in the daily management of the company. Their role is typically limited to fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements.

The company must submit the necessary documentation to the authorities. Resignation should follow the terms outlined in the appointment agreement, and it’s usually a straightforward process when requested by the appointing party.

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